Brookfield Primary School




When I started working on the Brookfield website, I was a parent with four children in the school. The project initially started when school funding was drastically cut, and I wanted to try and help out. I offered to rebuild in WordPress what was at the time a costly, outdated (mobile-unfriendly) site, and revamp the newsletter and other features. Since then, the site has grown to taking payments, running auctions, creating booking systems for after-school clubs, and much more.


The site is now on its second major redesign. The functionality is based in Pages for the main content, and Posts for newsletters. Other modules include a form database for booking systems, WooCommerce for buying tickets to events and other sales, and an events calendar for the school diary.


  • Rob Minto has transformed the Brookfield Primary School Website. He met with me and my team to get a true sense of what we were aiming for. He then worked creatively and efficiently to present suggestions. What he has achieved really captures our vision and values and we receive regular compliments about our site.

    Among Rob’s most impressive qualities are his innovation, responsiveness and flexibility. Not only does he create new pages responding to events independently, he also invents solutions to our puzzles. He goes above and beyond, regularly exceeding expectations.