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Why no contact form?

I prefer email for several reasons:

  • The thing is, contact forms use email anyway. They are just a way to define your email fields. But that means the sender either doesn’t get a copy of the email, or if they do, it’s in their inbox rather than in their sent items. Or worse, it goes into their spam.
  • Contact forms mean you (the sender) have to fill out lots of fields – your email at least, but name, message etc. Using the default email app or software on your system means at least two of the fields you need to fill out in a contact form are already taken care of. True, autofill can take the pain out of contact forms, but it’s not reliable. Why should you have to fill out basic details?
  • Forms are not the best way to start a conversation. At best they generate two separate emails, and hopefully both parties then start communicating.
  • Forms look good on the page. But it’s a bit performative. For simply getting in touch, I think it’s overkill. If contact forms are just a fancy way of generating email, just use email.