Patterdale Community Land Trust




Patterdale Parish Community Land Trust is a Lake District-based organisation. CLTs are a form of community-led housing, set up and run by ordinary people to develop and manage homes as well as other assets important to that community, like community enterprises, food growing or workspaces. The site focuses on a few areas: news and updates, documents (minutes), membership details, and the Facebook feed.


The homepage is built to update automatically with any new content on other pages. The site is a relatively straightforward build, using one of the industry-standard themes.


  • We are very pleased with the website that Rob Minto built for us in 2020. We asked for a simple and cheap option, we wanted people to be able to contact us through the website and we wanted the site to reflect the work we are doing to deliver rural housing in a beautiful area of the Lake District.

    Rob built the site promptly and to our specifications. One of our team (with no previous experience as a site administrator) has learnt how to manage the site  and is confident in doing so. During our first year we had a billing problem and it looked as if we were going to pay much more than we had planned. Rob was able  to unravel the problem (and get us a refund) and he also found us a much cheaper option – very useful for a small organisation like ours.