UK Unredacted




UK Unredacted (launching 2021) is a collaborative project between academics, investigative journalists and human rights investigators, designed to check rising government secrecy in the field of ‘national security’, and ensure greater levels of transparency and public accountability. The site uses a third party, DocumentCloud, to integrate document collections.


The site expands on WordPress’s core to create custom post types for Project pages, Partners, Briefings and Collections. Each content type is connected to the others through the use of categories and a custom taxonomy of groups. To build the site I have used a combination of plugins, extended by custom PHP scripts and functions. The site is built on the GeneratePress framework which allows for lots of customisation of headers and other parts of the site.

I have also built a PHP-based converter programme to take data in Excel, convert it to blocks of json code, and upload or edit documents in the DocumentCloud API.


  • UK Unredacted is an academic project working with over twenty non-profit organisations to publish thousands of documents relating to UK national security. Although we knew from the beginning that we needed a website to serve as a public archive, allowing visitors to search and browse large numbers of documents, we had little idea how to make this a reality. Rob has worked tirelessly to fulfil the vision for our project, bringing his experience, patience and creativity to design the new website. We are so pleased with the final product, which serves as a vehicle for our research as well as a hub for numerous organisations working in our field. We would be very happy indeed to recommend him to other academic projects and non-profit organisations.